Client / PepsiCo
Service / Tradeshow Exhibit
Industry / Food & Beverage
Show / National Restaurant Show (NRA)

PepsiCo at the National Restaurant Show

For the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show, PepsiCo wanted to show up bigger and better than ever with a presence that not only “wowed” attendees but also introduced their new Pepsi logo and branding. These efforts culminated in a design that was unlike anything they have done before- featuring dark colors, bold graphics and unique digital components and accents to bring the space to life.

The largest element of this new booth was a massive 30ft. diameter hanging sign that acted as a beacon above the PepsiCo booth. This hanging sign featured bold colors, pulsating graphics, and a floating disc to emphasize the new logo and branding.

At floor level, one of the main focal points of this booth space was a large “L-Shaped” LED screen that featured dynamic looping content consisting of Pepsi, Frito Lay and Quaker product videos. This unique and eye-catching element drew attention from the show’s audience and became the backdrop for attendee photos and videos.

These dramatic elements were tied together with seamless fabric wall graphics, custom-built cabinetry and bold structural accents to create a one-of-a-kind booth experience.  This booth quickly became one of the most talked about booths on the show floor and maintained steady foot traffic throughout the duration of the show.

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