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MSM’s award-winning digital design team guarantees greater engagement, deeper brand connections, and measurable results. Whether you’re looking for a way to distill complex information, showcase large-scale product without the logistics burden, or enhance a customer’s experience through gamification, we’ll solve your unique challenge through innovative interactive solutions.

Better Customer Experiences

Our digital solutions team employs years of expertise in interactive and engagement strategy to deliver a one-of-a-kind brand experience that powerfully connects with your audience. Customized for your content, audience and event objectives, your event attendees will experience the wow that only comes from engaging with content that is personalized just for them.

Better Data and ROI

Better qualify prospects, dramatically improve your CRM—and track your exhibit ROI with unheard-of precision. Comprehensive back-end data capture mechanisms support client metric goals, capturing important engagement interactions such as dwell times, content preference and detailed profiles. Discover who is interested in what and to what degree.


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