Client / CaseWare
Service / Inline/Portable Experiences
Industry / IT/Telecom
Specs / 10'x20'


It’s not the size of the exhibit space that matters, it’s what you do with it. Caseware’s new inline exhibit design is a perfect case in point.

Software solutions company, CaseWare, approached MSM to concept a new 10’x20′ exhibit design for the debut of their new Alessa brand. They desired a high-end, tech-forward and functional inline exhibit that gave them flexibility to engage with their attendees in different ways from show-to-show, depending on the audience and their objectives.

The resulting exhibit design solution integrated softly illuminated, recessed alcoves to conduct product demonstrations and incorporated airy, down-lit counters that could function as a walk-up station or a genius-bar style conversation space. Beautiful warm woodgrain details and flooring complemented the cool blue Alessa brand colors and created a high-end, modern, yet approachable look and feel to the space.

A central structure provided prominent digital messaging and ample storage was contained within the main reception counter. The 10’x20′ was also engineered to break-down seamlessly for CaseWare’s smaller 10’x10′ configuration to optimize use of the new exhibit properties across their entire program.

As they say, good things really do come in small packages.

Let’s bring your brand to life.

Client / PDC Machines Inc.
Service / Inline/Portable Exhibits
Industry / Manufacturing
Show / Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium
Specs / 10’x20’

PDC Machines Inc.

The Challenges: At the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium, PDC Machines, a producer of diaphragm compressors and hydrogen stations, wanted a way to showcase their products and attract new customers in a way that was not only cost-effective, but also space effective. 

The main challenge we faced was finding a way to showcase their offerings as the machines and products they produce were too large to incorporate in their 10’x20’ booth space. 

The Solution: The design of this booth is anchored around a holographic projection of PDC’s products. By bringing in a projection system to project a holographic model of their machine, PDC was able to showcase their product in the booth and customers could interact with it as if it were physically on the show floor. 

The innovative, holographic features were complimented by unique design elements including a reception desk with pierce cut logo and toe-kick lighting, a dimensional back wall with seamless graphics and lit alcoves, and a custom-built charging table with built-in ports.

Let’s bring your brand to life.