Client / Palo Alto Networks
Service / Tradeshow Exhibit
Industry / IT/Telecom
Show / Google Cloud Next

Palo Alto Networks at Google Cloud Next

While keeping in mind the show rules and regulations, we complied by modifying the existing hanging sign and reconfiguring the floorplan. The overall objective of the space was to create a steady flow of traffic and attract attendees equally to the theater as well as the demo stations. This project showcased new client branding.

A major highlight of this space was the utilization of a custom-built multi-player Drone Game Activation. The Palo Alto Drone Game allows attendees to race their product-themed drone through a cyber world, eliminating threats along the way. Players controlled the motion of their drone by utilizing existing functions of their cell phones. Not only did this game provide a great source of attendee engagement, but it was also educational. A brief product introduction was shown to users as they selected their drone. Another highlight of this booth was the use of unique seating in this space – we used corrugated cardboard benches that matched client branding.

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