Client / Palo Alto Networks
Service / Tradeshow Exhibit
Industry / IT
Show / AWS re:Invent

Palo Alto Networks at AWS re:Invent

The primary objective for this booth was to attract a range of attendees, ensure a smooth flow of traffic, and appear as a leader in the industry. Our client sought to onboard new customers, expand attendee’s knowledge of cybersecurity solutions, and to educate existing customers on additional products and offerings. To achieve this, we designed an open floorplan with clear sightlines, facilitating easy movement and engagement within the space.

The main feature of this booth was its captivating luminescence from both overhead lighting and 3 large LED towers. Utilizing individual LED tubes, we created an undulating “wave pattern” overhead. These dynamic lights transitioned colors and were spotlighted for rotating “brand takeovers”. Complementing this, color-coded demo stations in each corner glowed with halo downlighting and themed edge lighting.

Additionally, we designed a dedicated theater area for live presentations and auxiliary conversations. Lastly, we showcased new dimensional, backlit overhead logos which faced outwards on all sides above the booth, adding a striking finishing touch to the space!

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