Client / Gatorade
Service / Tradeshow Exhibit
Industry / Food & Beverage
Show / NATA 2018


The Challenge: Showcase Gatorade’s key competitive differentiator at the 2018 AT Expo—year-round, 365 day performance support for athletic professionals and their athletes.

The Solution: A multi-experience brand journey that got attendees interacting with Gatorade’s products, programs and partners.The Attention Grabbing HydroCube: The glowing, larger-than-life, digital gaming cube was a huge draw for the highly competitive athletic trainer audience. Cam Newton and other major sports figures would appear on-screen and begin an athletic action. Before successfully completing the sequence, attendees had 20 seconds to answer a hydration-related trivia question correctly to complete the action and collect points.

The Social Cubes: Two social cubes featured a dynamically changing mosaic of faces. Each face was a shared story of an athletic trainer and the diverse interests that inspire and drive them. Attendees added their own story through the built-in photo capture stations, complete with lighting, editing and sharing capabilities.

The 360 Partner Pods: Touchscreen pods allowed attendees to explore 360 degree views of the newest facilities at Gatorade Partner Organizations. Embedded within the images were content hotspots that brought up information, activated interviews with key sports health practitioners or initiated a mini-game.

The Innovation Towers: To reinforce Gatorade’s product portfolio innovation, Gatorade products were situated in tower-style structures behind transparent monitors. Facts and information about each product overlaid the products and dynamically moved and changed, making for an eye-catching product education display.

The Expert Chats: Sports nutrition experts delivered talks throughout each day to reinforce the educational aspect of the show. Attendees used the RFID-enabled G Bands to check in and collect informational handouts.

The Bottom Line:
Gatorade stood apart from their competition by delivering an immersive end-to-end educational experience unlike anything else on the show floor.

To take part in the experience, attendees registered an RFID-equipped Gatorade branded sports band (the G Band). Attendees checked in at each touch-point using their G band. Through this technology and back-end analytics reporting, Gatorade walked away from the AT expo with incredible insights.

Of the total show attendance, 70% (or 4,140 people) registered a G Band. Of those that registered, there were 9,004 unique G Band check-ins. And to top it off, Gatorade gained information on who they were, what they did and for how long—data that will surely inform important product and marketing decisions in the future.

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