Client / RingCentral
Service / Tradeshow Exhibit
Industry / IT/Telecom
Show / Enterprise Connect
Specs / 50’x50’

GatherRING Together at Enterprise Connect

The Challenges: At Enterprise Connect, RingCentral hoped to create a set of innovative and exciting spaces where they could connect with their clients. They aimed to create a new booth space to show off their new branding, including new videos and imagery, and to generate buzz about their offerings. 

The Solution: We helped RingCentral create three unique spaces in and around the show floor including a 50’x50’ booth space, a laid-back café area, and presentation a space for expert sessions and lecture style talks. Each of these areas drove traffic to one another with the goal of creating awareness for the company. 

The 50’x50 booth space featured a large LED screen, cascading from the wall down onto the floor, that captivated audiences the second they walked into the booth. Additional features such as the large animated LED hanging sign, demonstration areas, conference rooms and an interactive whiteboard delighted attendees and created an excellent platform to promote the RingCentral offerings. 


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