Client / Palo Alto Networks
Service / Tradeshow Exhibit
Industry / IT/Telecom
Show / RSA
Specs / 30’x40’

Palo Alto Networks

The Challenges: Palo Alto Networks set a goal of creating a space where they could engage, inspire, and educate through impactful experiences to position themselves as THE cybersecurity partner of choice. 

The Solution: This sleek and modern booth featured bright colors and bold graphics to playfully invite attendees into the space. Each of Palo Alto’s products had their own dedicated demo station, called out with their four main brand colors. The booth also featured a large theater space for larger group presentations, and an inviting welcome desk area. 


Digital Drone Racing: Another unique element within this booth was an interactive drone game we developed to showcase Palo Alto’s products in a fun and interesting way. This game utilized attendee’s mobile devices to control their drone and the race was displayed on the large screen within the booth. Each drone was modeled and named after a Palo Alto Network’s product and players raced through the course battling various cyber threats.


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Client / RingCentral
Service / Tradeshow Exhibit
Industry / IT/Telecom
Show / Enterprise Connect
Specs / 50’x50’

GatherRING Together at Enterprise Connect

The Challenges: At Enterprise Connect, RingCentral hoped to create a set of innovative and exciting spaces where they could connect with their clients. They aimed to create a new booth space to show off their new branding, including new videos and imagery, and to generate buzz about their offerings. 

The Solution: We helped RingCentral create three unique spaces in and around the show floor including a 50’x50’ booth space, a laid-back café area, and presentation a space for expert sessions and lecture style talks. Each of these areas drove traffic to one another with the goal of creating awareness for the company. 

The 50’x50 booth space featured a large LED screen, cascading from the wall down onto the floor, that captivated audiences the second they walked into the booth. Additional features such as the large animated LED hanging sign, demonstration areas, conference rooms and an interactive whiteboard delighted attendees and created an excellent platform to promote the RingCentral offerings. 


Let’s bring your brand to life.

Client / Dell EMC
Service / Tradeshow Exhibit
Industry / IT/Telecom
Show / EMC World
Specs / 70'x70'

Dell EMC

How do you engage an audience of technology experts? By creating an interactive brand experience, “locking” everyone in, and giving them 10 minutes to solve three techy-type puzzles. Attendees entered an escape room designed to emulate a futuristic data center—complete with glowing panels and life-size moveable racks. They were then challenged to beat the clock by solving three technical puzzles.

The result was a high energy, memorable brand experience that delivered results. Dell EMC saw over 7,500 lead scans—their most ever.Let our expert experience designers go to work for you.

Let’s bring your brand to life.

Client / CaseWare
Service / Inline/Portable Experiences
Industry / IT/Telecom
Specs / 10'x20'


It’s not the size of the exhibit space that matters, it’s what you do with it. Caseware’s new inline exhibit design is a perfect case in point.

Software solutions company, CaseWare, approached MSM to concept a new 10’x20′ exhibit design for the debut of their new Alessa brand. They desired a high-end, tech-forward and functional inline exhibit that gave them flexibility to engage with their attendees in different ways from show-to-show, depending on the audience and their objectives.

The resulting exhibit design solution integrated softly illuminated, recessed alcoves to conduct product demonstrations and incorporated airy, down-lit counters that could function as a walk-up station or a genius-bar style conversation space. Beautiful warm woodgrain details and flooring complemented the cool blue Alessa brand colors and created a high-end, modern, yet approachable look and feel to the space.

A central structure provided prominent digital messaging and ample storage was contained within the main reception counter. The 10’x20′ was also engineered to break-down seamlessly for CaseWare’s smaller 10’x10′ configuration to optimize use of the new exhibit properties across their entire program.

As they say, good things really do come in small packages.

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