Client / Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Service / Design & Build of Permanent Installation
Industry / Education
Show / Wehrheim Gallery

The Wehrheim Gallery @ RIT

In this project for the Rochester Institute of Technology, we were tasked with finding a way to showcase the partnership between RIT and the Genesee Country Village + Museum – a partnership that has been in place since 2016.

The MSM team worked directly with the RIT and GCVM teams to create a space that artfully showcased the relationship of old and new with large-scale graphics, while highlighting student’s projects in custom product display cases that could be changed out throughout the year.

The 1,000 square foot Wehrheim Gallery is situated within the new Student Hall for Exploration and Development on the RIT campus and is an ideal place to showcase the work that students and faculty members develop together, in a bright and eye-catching manner.

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Client / University of Rochester
Service / Environments & Installations
Industry / Education
Show / Meliora Weekend

University of Rochester

Meliora Weekend is the University of Rochester’s annual alumni event held at a variety of venues across their campus. The request: event installations that brings their Latin motto dramatically to life in a way that’s distinctive to each environment. The activations included:

  • On the main quad,”Meliora” spelled out in 8’ tall letters to match the majesty of the surroundings, also making for a fantastic photo opportunity.
  • At the art gallery, we went a bit off-beat with 750 meticulously placed glowing lights.
  • And in the music school, we created a beautifully crafted interactive wind chime from 147 musically-tuned metal tubes.

Let’s bring your brand to life.